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pilot-link on powermac 7200/90 ?


I would like to install pilot-link on my powermac (debian distribution: frozen), but I cannot, because I have a dependency problem:

When I select pilot-link, I get the following message:

pilot-link depends on perl
pilot-link depends on libmd5-perl

perl depends on perl-5.004
perl depends on perl-5.004-doc

perl-5.005-base conflicts with perl

That means that I have to install the package "perl" (which is called a "fake"-package), but I cannot, because it conflicts with perl-5.005-base which is a required package in the "base" section.

Does someone knows a work-around for that problem?
Would it make more sense that perl-5.005-base provides perl?

I am a bit confused...

Thanks in advance for any support,

Stephan Jaeger

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