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Re: Further Information on X problem

Lang Hurst wrote:
> Well, I fooled around a little last night.  Finally logged in as a user
> instead of root, booted X with no problems (well, still the font error, but > it doesn't seem to effect anything).  Tracked the problem down to an & after > the window manager call in .xinitrc.  Doesn't make much sense to me, as I
> now have to call gnome-session by command line instead of having X do it,
> and I read that you have to put gnome-session last in your .xinitrc file. 
> Thinking about it now, I guess that I will just try gnome-session& then call
> the window manager, and see what happens.  That is just weird to me.

The point is you don't have to start the window manager yourself at all.
gnome-session starts it via the gnome-wm shell script.

The correct thing would be an exec gnome-session last in the file IIRC.


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