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Re: Sound drivers

On 28-Apr-00, you wrote:

> Björn Johansson wrote:
>> Could someone please tell me what program I should use to configure my
>> soundcard? I'm using the program: mp3blaster but it just can't recognice
>> my soundcard(paula).
>> I have been running a lot of dpkg -i * lately to install the Debian
>> distribution, maybe I've missed an essential package? hmm...
> Maybe you don't have sound in the kernel (what does cat /dev/sndstat say?)
> . Get a kernel with sound or build one yourself.

It says:

Load type: Driver compiled into kernel
Kernel: Linux amigaforever 2.2.10-by olliweb.de in 2000 #12 Mon Feb 28
15:32:50 GMT 2000 ppc
Config options: 0

Installed drivers: 

Card config: 

Audio devices:

Synth devices:

Midi devices:

0: System clock


> Michel
Kind regards  Björn Johansson
A4000, PPC604e @ 233Mhz (AmigaOS3.5 + Debian2.2)

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