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Re: Problem with Dselect

Björn Johansson wrote:

> My friend who burned 3 cds with Debian packages were using
> Windows98. So looking at the filenames under Dos they ALL get
> cropped.

AmigaOS or M$-DOS?

> For example: empire-lafe_0.39.deb gets EMPIR~60.DEB.
> Is there anything I can do to fix this? Perhaps there is a Debian
> package which renames the filename to the filename comment.
> Since the comment contains the real filename, this would be
> excellent! The APT-program doesn't seem to find any packages
> because of this! :(((

Can't you mount the CD-ROMs or whatever with VFAT - or is the Joliet extension
for this?

Just some suggestions...


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