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kernel included w/ boot floppies

Howdy all,

i'm a bit new to the debian-ppc scene, and was wondering about the various kernel issues associated with different macs(in particular, pre-g3, g3, rev 1 and rev 2(and g4?). Anyway, the kernel avaibale with 2.2.11 boot floppies did nto work on my rev 2 g3(i found a working one on a linuxppc mirror), I looked at the install documents from cvs, and glanced at the faq, I have a feeling that many new users will have a difficult time finding the info about different kernels if they start out from Debian, and not linuxppc.org. At least a mention of this might be needed in the install docs or something like this. Or is the kernel included with 2.2.11 suppose to work(or was this fixed with 2.2.12 - that is downloading right now as i type this email)
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