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better my e Bolwjob daughter talk. Re: bits from the DMs/NMs/AMs? Re: bits/news from the users of Debian? Re: broken AdBlock Plus Re: Bug#402462: Would like libtorrent-rasterbar Re: Bug#448532: RFS: phpmyvisites -- free web analytics Re: Bug#478387: glunarclock: bashism in debian/rules Re: Bug #480536 Mailbomb Bug #480536 Upload Re: Bug#482913: ITP: daptup -- see changes in new & upgradeable lists after aptitude update buildd analog for new maintainters Building a package for experimental closing the Debian DM/AM/NM survey soon Compiling with -mtune? The copyright statement in rules debconf and ucf debconf best practice Re: Debian Maintainer Application for LI Daobing Debian Mentors slow? Re: [debpool] RFS: debpool (updated package) Developer names within debian/changelog dh_clean and explicit package clean lists Easy way to retrieve build logs from buildd.d.o? Efficiency of triggers Examples favourite a h Cams . FTP no more available [FWD: ITA: unifont -- X11 dual-width GNU unicode font * New maintainer (Closes: #356594)] gerris/gts: lots of doubts... how to build two differently configured binaries from the same source? Re: how to build two differently configured binaries from the same source? How to request package rebuild? Re: ITR: xmlrpc-epi Re: Keep directory in working tree, but exclude from foo.diff.gz (was: dh_clean and explicit package clean lists) last chance to participate in the Debian DM/AM/NM survey Library source files included in upstream source: MiKTeX-tools Lost Labyrinth Multiple licences in a package Need some tips on building Debian packages NewInLenny: stuff that's changed between etch and lenny New Packager question again: can you point me to a not flawed package? package config Re: Packaging gtk wiimote whiteboard for debian PLS HELP ME Possible Pre-Depends usage in Query about Debian really old bugs Request for comments (before I file a RFS) RFC: lame (the MP3 encoder) RFS: ale (updated package) RFS: alternc (hosting software management suite for Debian) RFS: aoeui (updated package) RFS: autotools-idl RFS: chironfs - Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that implements replication #475371 RFS: chmsee (updated package) RFS: daptup RFS: daptup (updated) RFS: deborphan RFS: debpool (updated package) RFS: dish RFS: dynamite (updated and adopted package) RFS: eboard (updated package) RFS: evilvte (updated package) - lightweight terminal emulator RFS: ffmpegthumbnailer RFS: fig2sxd Re: RFS figtoipe RFS: figtoipe Re: RFS: figtoipe / difficulties with Replaces: RFS: fpm2 - a password manager RFS: fslint (updated package) RFS: glest, glest-data RFS: gnome-art-ng Re: RFS: gnurobbo RFS: gnurobots (updated package) RFS: greenwich (updated and adopted package) RFS: gtkglextmm RFS: gtk-nodoka-engine RFS: gtkvncviewer re: re: rfs: gtkvncviewer RFS: gtkwhiteboard RFS: haskell-safe RFS: hwinfo (updated package) RFS: ia32-libs-tools (updated package) RFS: icecream (updated and adopted package) RFS: irsim RFS: libanculus-sharp -- utility library for C# projects RFS: libanon RFS: libgpiv, gpiv and gpivtools (2nd try) RFS: liblinux-distribution-packages-perl RFS: liblinux-distribution-perl RFS: libspiro (updated package) RFS: libtorrent-rasterbar and qBittorrent RFS: libtorrent-rasterbar and qBittorrent (updated) RFS: lockrun RFS: lsat RFS: lure-of-the-temptress - an ScummVM game RFS: lynis (updated package) RFS: moc (updated package) RFS: mutt-meta RFS: nautilus-clamscan RFS: nlkt RFS: NMU: gqview -- A simple image viewer using GTK+ RFS: NMU rapidsvn fixes RC bug #482235 RFS: obm RFS: opus (Online university Placement System) RFS: opus, uuwaf RFS: orange (updated and adopted package) RFS: parcellite RFS: php-gnupg gpgme bindings for php RFS: phpmyvisites -- free web analytics RFS: php-ssh2, php-geoip (new packages) RFS: poco and poco-doc (updated packages) [3rd try] RFS: postgresql-autodoc 1.31-1 (updated package) RFS: pydance RFS (QA Upload): libpam-foreground -- create lockfiles describing which users own which console RFS: rsplib RFS: scim-thai 0.1.1-1 (updated package) RFS: sclapp and pytagsfs (updated packages) RFS: sctplib RFS: snmpdump RFS: socketapi The last update was on 17:02 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 587 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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