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Re: RFS: nlkt

OoO  Pendant le  journal télévisé  du samedi  17 mai  2008,  vers 20:23,
"Eugene V. Lyubimkin" <jackyf.devel@gmail.com> disait:

>> Well,  this  is not  really  important, but  for  example,  there is  no
>> difference between  debian-hints and  en in default_profiles.
> Do you think is there any sense to put distribution-specific items into upstream? As for
> me, I am don't.

>> running nlkt, I don't see any difference.
> If you choose english layout (en), program will use all english fortunes.
> But if you choose debian-hints layout, program will use only debian-hints fortunes.

Oh, I did not test the program enough to see that it uses fortunes!

I did not upload the package, you left the tags in debian/control.
Use uniform input formats.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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