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Re: RFS: figtoipe

OoO Vers  la fin de  l'après-midi du vendredi  16 mai 2008,  vers 16:45,
Alexander Bürger <acfbuerger@googlemail.com> disait:

>> > I do not understand Replaces/Conflicts very well.
>> You should. ;-)
>> Conflicts  avoids that  your  package is  installed  along with  another
>> package. Replaces allows  your package to replace files  from some other
>> packages during upgrades.
>> > Replaces: ipe (<< 6.0pre30-1)
>> > Conflicts: ipe (<< 6.0pre30-1)
>> > Recommends: netpbm, ipe

> I am still a bit unsure whether the control file tells dpkg what I want.

> I want it to say that figtoipe-20080505 can overwrite any figtoipe
> version that had been included in ipe before 6.0pre30-1, but that any
> version of ipe can still be kept installed along with the new figtoipe.
> And that there is no overwriting of ipe files necessary if the ipe
> package has version >= 6.0pre30-1. From section 7.5.1 of the debian
> policy I now get the impression that my "Conflicts" was too much, so I
> dropped it.

Hi Alexander!

Is your  package useful for someone  that has ipe (<<  6.0pre30-1)? As I
understand,  those  versions  already  have  figtoipe.  Therefore,  your
package is useless. This is why you Conflict with this package.

I  have never  seen Replaces  without  Conflicts. If  you Replaces  some
files, then you should Conflicts  with the package that originally owned
those files. Otherwise,  if the user removes your  package, the original
files will not be restored.

When using Conflicts and having  files in common with the other package,
you need Replaces  as well. Otherwise, during upgrade,  the user may see
error messages  about your  package trying to  erase files owned  by the
other (not yet removed) package.
printk("Illegal format on cdrom.  Pester manufacturer.\n"); 
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/fs/isofs/inode.c

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