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Re: RFS: opus, uuwaf

OoO La  nuit ayant  déjà recouvert  d'encre ce jour  du mercredi  21 mai
2008, vers 23:42, Colin Turner <ct@piglets.com> disait:

>> We nearly at the end. There  are just a few lintian warnings: you should
>> depend on  ucf for opus binary  package. And you should  move texlive in
>> Build-Depends-Indep  (because  your  package  is  arch  independant  and
>> texlive is not used for cleaning):
>> I: opus source: build-depends-without-arch-dep texlive
>> W: opus: maintainer-script-needs-depends-on-ucf postinst

> Hmm, the one upload I didn't run lintian over, ok, so that's a valuable
> lesson.

>> You may  also closes the  bug with Closes:  #415241. I am not  sure that
>> your way of writing it will be recognized.

> Probably a problem with uuwaf too then so I've prepared opus_4.0.2-3 and
> uuwaf_1.0.1-4, run lintian over them (;-)) and pbuilder with no
> problems. I've uploaded them to mentors, but oddly no automated message
> from mentors one way or another as to success and it still shows the
> older packages.

> So, I'll check it again in a while, and see if the upload has been
> delayed, or rejected for some reason I can't see.

I still  don't see them. Maybe  a problem with mentors  (no new packages
have made  their way either). You  can try to contact  Christoph Haas in
case he does not know the problem. He is usually very responsive.

About the format of closes:

So, your bug closing was OK.
BOFH excuse #9:
doppler effect

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