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[no subject] achieving secure web services for the masses Adam's advice -> packaging manual (was Re: Free software: Packagers vs Developers) Adopt: hwtools Adoption of RTLinux, VRweb and kanjidic. ancient-standards-version ANN: changelog display thing ANN: Perl mktex* modules alpha release Another Debian based distribution another security hole Anyone intending to package these? Anyone packaging QT 2.0? Re: anyone want to package SCOOBS? (GPL'ed XML Search Engine) Apache seems to depend on nscd apt bug? apt-get hanging ash vs. bash ATerm package [ Bug#38702: FWD: Re: Bug#38702: nextawg: listres, viewres, xftp, xcal does not work with nextawg] autoconf, automake and libtool automated response automatic installation automatic installation again Automatic reply Away, back at 29th of July Away for a few days Away for a week Away 'till thursday Away until Tuesday Back for good Bad maintainers line Re: [bam: Re: ssh vs kerberos] Bashisms... The Bazaar - December 14-16, in NY Berlin & FSSTND/FHS beta version numbers? Re: Big problems with arch-indep perl-based packages on archs other th Re: Big problems with arch-indep perl-based packages on archs other than i386 Binary patch update Blackbox Borland Linux Developer Survey bottlerocket? Broken dependencies in current state of perl upgrade Re: Broken potato packages BSD-like 'make world' - possible? BTS web pages have high latency (was Re: "Texinfo has a file conflict with tetex-base!") Bug#20567: marked as done (logo license outdated) Bug#33499: marked as done (logo: license (still)) Bug#34689: Save 70% of your Inernational Faxes Cost Re: Bug#34689: test Re: Bug#39177: gs-aladdin: doesnt understand DOS EPS Binary File Postscript Bug#40779: Requesting tm to be removed from unstable Bug#40799 acknowledged by developer (Remove from potato: wmsound, libwmsnd-dev) Bug#40799: Acknowledgement (Remove from potato: wmsound, libwmsnd-dev) Re: Bug#41732: policy 3 Re: Bug#42117: shtool should NOT depend on perl ! bugfix for vacation Re: bugs on -devel? CAD program varkon Can anyone NMU debian-keyring? Can I get IPv6 supported perl ? Clarification: Eliminate nagging at installation time? Closing bugs in a changelog Configuring postgresql Contact needed -- Sun Microsystems Coping with new email address a c++ question Re: David Coe, menu, [was] David Coe, menu, DB and password, group files --> use only *.db Re: dbootstrap Debian /bin/login and heimdal kerberos Debian BOF at CALU Debian Gnu/Linux 2.2 Unleashed Debian Kernels .. something to think about Debian logo in X windows mirror in trouble ... Re: [Debian-uk] Time for a UK Debian meet? Debian Weekly News - July 13th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - July 20th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - July 6th, 1999 Debian Xconfigurator? Re: Depends generated by maintainer scripts Re: Developer security questions. dhelp Re: Diskless package.. (X-Windows doesn't work) DNS problem dpkg and I18N dpkg bug? dpkg --build changing permissions (?) dpkg fails in process_queue (bug #41611) dpkg-perl or perl library for dpkg dpkg v2 ? I haven't heard about it, but ... Re: DpkgV2 specs - use ACAP, if it is not overkill DSO's (Was: Re: [POLL] Should XEmacs 21.1 include the ldap support code?) dupload announcements Editing config file Re: Eliminate nagging at installation time? enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el prerelease 2 Re: enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el prerelease 3 Re: enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el prerelease 4 enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el prerelease 5 /etc/environment misuse (was: Translation of init scripts) /etc/ /etc/rmt Exim Existing package with new component. EXPERIMENTAL XFree86 3.3.4 .debs now available EXTREMELY OT: What MTA is this? F/A Faure, Kubrick and Albert down A few ITP's -- Security Related fltk vs. gtk Fork & write stdout, menu, bug 42051 Re: FreeLinux (Debian/GNU BSD) Freeze Goals -- WAS: September release [Fwd: ] [Fwd: Problems installing postfix] [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: ITP: Powertweak]] FYI: XFree86 3.3.4 has been released but... [ Bug#41003: BTS web pages have high latency (was Re: "Texinfo has a file conflict with tetex-base!")] GFtp The last update was on 19:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2175 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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