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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer

Le Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 03:33:18PM -0400, Carl Mummert écrivait:
> How does a phone call accomplish this?  You cannot test either beliefs or 
> packaging ability over the phone. The previous sentence may very well
> be my own opinion.

The phone call is something that is happening in the Real World. It's not
like a mail. Did you ever get "employed" with a single mail ? No, you have
to take other kind of contact with your employers.

Although Debian does not "employ" Debian developers, the situation is

> My point was that you ARE discriminating - in a manner that debian
> developers agree with.

Yes we are discriminating. We don't want people that do not agree
with our view on free software (even that is not sure ...). We don't want
crackers either.

Where's the problem ?

> There is no 'frozen' disrtibution, last time I checked - ergo there are no
> bugs that, in themselves, are preventing the release from happening

You should read Richard's Braakman view about freeze. He will NOT freeze
until most of the release critical bugs have been closed. And Josip Rodin
is coordinating the work around the Release Critical bugs.

> Ah.  What if they leave first?

Where's the problem ? We cannot force people to stay with Debian.
Do you really think that the long wait for your application
will make of you a RedHat user ? 

And if they cannot wait 3 months, I doubt they would have made good
maintainers. Maintaining a package is NOT a one-time work. It requires to
be worked on regularly.

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