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Re: bottlerocket?

I ITP'd it carelessly without noticing Stephen's post.  This was
pointed out to me, so I had assumed he would do it.  Hell, I'm not
even a developer yet.  I've been using the package I made that day,
but it's no big thing to me.  I can't imagine it'll take you long to
make it.

So basically from my perspective I have no interest in this; it's
between you two.

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 10:53:36PM -0500, joeyh@master.debian.org wrote:
> Both people in the To: line posted ITP's for bottlerocket. I don't see a
> package though. I've built it locally with no problems and could have a
> package ready by noon tomorrow. Do either of you care if I just NMU it to
> get it out there? Or I'm willing to maintain it if neither of you wants to
> any more.
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> see shy jo
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