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Re: Bug#39177: gs-aladdin: doesnt understand DOS EPS Binary File Postscript

"Marco" == Marco Pistore <pistore@irst.itc.it> writes:

Marco> I do not think that ghostscript should take care of these extra
Marco> bytes: ghostscript (gs and gs-aladdin) is a postscript
Marco> interpreter, and it complains if it is asked to parse a
Marco> non-postscript file.  Since ghostscript wants to be a
Marco> postscript compatible interpreter, it is not possible to let
Marco> him discard those initial bytes.

Sorry, I wasnt clear: the output of file is 'DOS EPS Binary File
Postscript', which to me means either theres some valid form of
postscript that ghostscript doesn't understand, or file is completely
wrong -- i.e. either gs or file has a Bug.

Marco> What you probably need is a "converter" from Illustartor 8
Marco> non-standard format to postscript standard format: "tail -c
Marco> +31" should work perfectly.


Marco> Notice that, if the problem occurs when a user is trying to
Marco> print a Illustartor EPS file, that is should be sufficient to
Marco> add a filter to the printer queue that recognizes this kind of
Marco> files and that removes the initial characters.

Yes, but that wouldn't help imagemagick and xv open these files.

So the question here is whether the Illustrator 8 (PC) native file
format is nonstandard postscript, or just unusual postscript....


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