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Re: Another Debian based distribution

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> > > using a special language (SIL) which describes the interface ...
> > 
> > Close, Simple Interface Language. I have produced a spec for SIL 2.0 but
> > it's not quite finished. Check out our web site in a few weeks time
> > for more info.
> Is this a general GUI tool or is it just a fancy 'dialog' program for use 
> by shell scripts?

It's very general. You can use it with perl C shell, anything that
has a "print to stdout". One of the design parameters is that
it would be able to draw an interface using any language.
Think of it as a superset of html. html is static while
with the Storm Administration System(SAS) you can have a
dymanic interface. SIL 2.0 will have an html widget.

Here's a quick example:

# this and everything after '#' on this line is a comment
window("w"); # create a window object 'w'
w:title("Hello SIL"); # set the title attribute of w
button("w.b"); # create a button 'w.b'. note "the object path"
w.b:label("Hello World!");
show(w.b); # note that we do not have to specify where w.b should be packed
display(); # tells the display to "flush" the changes to the screen

Also you connect over the network. This means that you can install
or administer over the network(not in the alpha).
I am currently adding SSL support to SAD(Storm Administrative Daemon).

Stormix will be telling all as it where at the July 19th VanLUG
meeting. I hope to have a pretty functional SILamp(ala winamp)

Let's see dialog do all that!

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