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Hello all,

I've gone through the Debian policy manual, the FSSTND, the FHS and I simply
can't find an acceptable answer to this.

Berlin is a new graphical operating environment, similar to X. It is designed to
be a complete environment as a replacement or possibly a complimentary GUI to X.

The FSSTND and FHS have set the X11R6 directory to /usr/X11R6/*. The
subdirectories are similiar to the rest of /usr, with lib, man, etc directories.
The rational I understood was because X is a seperate environment from console

Currently, the Berlin debs have the path based in the /usr directory, putting
headers and IDL source in /usr/include, the libraries and plugins in /usr/lib,
and the binaries in /usr/bin.

Would we be violating policy if we created /usr/Berlin? 

Is this an acceptable addition since Berlin is as seperate of an environment
from Linux console as X is?

My suggestion would be to create a tree structure similiar to X, the last
suggestion was something similar to:

	/usr/Berlin/include		- Headers
	/usr/Berlin/include/idl		- IDL source
	/usr/Berlin/bin			- Berlin binaries
	/usr/Berlin/lib			- Libraries
	/usr/Berlin/opt			- Berlin Third Party Binaries
	/usr/Berlin/var			- Various data files

I know that Debian and the FHS have also been slowly working away from
/usr/X11R6 by throwing a few hundred symlinks around to make it similar to the
format console applications use... maybe we should go that route.


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