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Re: [gnu.misc.discuss,gnu.emacs.gnus] Free software: Packagers vs Developers


        Since this whole discussion has been stated by Gnues, and I am
 the maintainer, I feel constrained to answer for this case

>>"Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

 Adam>   * join the mailing list for the software you are packaging.  Be an
 Adam>     active participant.

        I have been on the Gnus list since the very beginning. I am nt
 very active, unless I find bugs, being content to just watch the
 software evolve.

 Adam>   * try to keep diff size not in the debian subdir very small (not to
 Adam>     say you should revert to applying patches as part of the build
 Adam>     process).  Send patches upstream when they are not Debian
 Adam>     specific.  And keep sending them!

        There are no not ./debian diffs.

 Adam>   * if you get a bug report, make a quick judgement whether it's a
 Adam>     Debian bug or an upstream bug.  If it's an upstream bug, then
 Adam>     *before* you start whacking on code, notify the upstream
 Adam>     maintainer of the bug (and whether you intend to patch for it).
 Adam>     This involves the upstream maintainer in the process of fixing
 Adam>     problems, ensures they get timely information while the bug is
 Adam>     fresh in everyone's mind, and lets the maintainer participate in
 Adam>     design decisions about how things should be fixed.

        I have had little problem with bug reports (there are n
 technical bugs open on Gnus that I am aware of). I generally mediate
 in bug repoirting, and ensure that there is enough information in the
 report, and *always* pass reports unchanged upstream (apart from
 adding information about the system)

 Adam>   * if you have a major integration feature that you're thinking about
 Adam>     implementing in your package, let the upstream maintainer know
 Adam>     what you are doing.  They might have ideas on how to generalize
 Adam>     the solution so *all* users benefit.

        Not applicable

 Adam>   * do not change dot-config file formats or filename except under
 Adam>     *extreme* conditions of duress (i.e., security issues?). Definately
 Adam>     notify upstream maintainers before doing this.  Remember that some
 Adam>     people share their home dirs and dot-configs between many operating
 Adam>     systems and machines.

        Not guilty

 Adam>   * exercise the principle of least suprise

        The soon to be released Gnus is a major rewrite, and there are
 surprises. I used the unstable version to field test teh new version,
 and it took a couple of releases to work out the new dependencies and
 conflicts. I still stand by my relese of Pterodactyl Gnus into

 Adam>   * remember that upstream maintainers know their software better, and
 Adam>     in more varied circumstances, than you do

        I have no doubt. But then, I suspect that as a systems
 architect and integrator, I hold a better positiopn, and I know
 Debian better than they do.

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