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Re: [gnu.misc.discuss,gnu.emacs.gnus] Free software: Packagers vs Developers

On Friday 2 July 1999, at 19 h 1, the keyboard of Per Abrahamsen 
<abraham@dina.kvl.dk> wrote:

> If you read my initial four suggestions, the three last were simply
> about making that distinction clear, and discourage hidden forks.

Yes, but I disagree that any patch is a 'hidden fork'. You leave us with only 
two alternatives, which is not a real choice! Either to respect the Sacred 
Code and to touch nothing or to fork and to start another project, which is 
overkill for most changes Debian packagers do.
> When forking is justified (and it happens), a new project should be
> started with a new name.

If you want so, write the licence in that way (it does not prevent it from 
being free, at least for Debian).

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