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Re: [gnu.misc.discuss,gnu.emacs.gnus] Free software: Packagers vs Developers

Per Abrahamsen <abraham@dina.kvl.dk> wrote:
> Most developers just curse you, I took the time to formulate the
> problem and trying to start a discussion about how to improve the
> process. But so far I haven't had the luck to pass the first hurdle,
> gettingyou to acknowledge that there is a problem, which is the same
> place Fran?ois Pinard and Hrvoje Niksic came to.

Er.. no.

A large number of developers are happy with us.  And I find it
hard to believe that you have some secret line to "most developers"
that lets you speak authoratively for them.

There are probably several developers which are unhappy with us, but
historically our approach has been to do whatever is needed to keep the
developers happy.  How about we focus on specifically your needs --
without trying to pretend that all developers want to be treated the
same way?

For example, I think it should be very simple to arrange that you get a
raw copy of every bug report which a user generates on software you've
developed that we've packaged. 

And, maybe the emacsen structure needs to be changed somehow -- but
that's something that needs to be thought out very carefully.

Like you, we need to address specifics.


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