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Re: Big problems with arch-indep perl-based packages on archs other th

chris@classnet.med.miami.edu (Christopher C Chimelis)  wrote on 22.06.99 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.990622145300.23099C-100000@beezer.med.miami.edu>:

> I just realised that there are quite a few perl-based packages
> (libapache-mod-perl, libapache-asp-perl, many more) that install files to
> an architecture-dependent path (ie. /usr/lib/perl5/i386-linux/5.004/).

> Could the maintainers of all arch-independent perl-based packages check to

Hmm ... maybe lintian should check for typical architecture path segments  
in Arch: all packages? And for wrong-architecture path segments in other  

MfG Kai

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