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Re: [NEW LIST] debian-release@lists.debian.org -- release mgmt

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>    The debian-release mailing list is an *action* list. It is meant to
>    facilitate coordination between all of the parties involved in the
>    release process.   By "release", we mean either point-releases to
>    the stable distribution, or the process of freezing the unstable
>    distribution.
>    We hope that by involving all interested parties and giving them a
>    clear channel of communication, releases can happen more frequently
>    and more smoothly.  Interested parties include:
>      * security team                   * QA team
>      * boot-floppies team              * debian CD team
>      * porters                         * archive manager
>      * testing team
>    If you feel you can represent one of these teams, please join the
>    debian-release list.

I take it you want only one or a few members from each group?

I qualify on 2 counts, but am not the right person from either team for this
task. However, I'd still like to subscribe as an observer (for DWN). I'll be
quiet. :-) Is this ok?

see shy jo

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