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Re: [gnu.misc.discuss,gnu.emacs.gnus] Free software: Packagers vs Developers

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 03:30:37AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> However, Debian developers need to look at the Debian fork as a
> necessary evil which should be minimized if at all possible.  This is
> just a few bits of common sense, stuff which I am thinking about:
I agree to a point.... For example, abiword, when I packaged 0.5.x shipped
with their own ispell dictionary (still does, but that's a different
point).  I created a patch that would allow the spell section to read
either our format or redhat's format (different) and passed it back up
stream.  It was accepted.  In Debian, if I were minimizing changes, I'd use
the supplied dictionary, however, the user experience would be SOOO much
better if abiword used "default.hash" as installed by ispell, instead.  I
don't *have* to make the change (to keep to a minimum) but feel it should
be done for purly esthetics(sp?).

>   * join the mailing list for the software you are packaging.  Be an
>     active participant.
Absolute must.  I also email the author/list to introduce myself and let
them know that I'm packagining.  There is only one list that, though I'm
subscribed, I'm not visibly active on and that's becaue I was asked to not
pgp sign messages there...  Not much I do in development anyway

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