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Re: Another Debian based distribution

On Fri, 9 Jul 1999, Joey Hess wrote:

> R Garth Wood wrote:
> > # this and everything after '#' on this line is a comment
> > window("w"); # create a window object 'w'
> > w:title("Hello SIL"); # set the title attribute of w
> > button("w.b"); # create a button 'w.b'. note "the object path"
> > w.b:label("Hello World!");
> > show(w.b); # note that we do not have to specify where w.b should be packed
> > show(w);
> > display(); # tells the display to "flush" the changes to the screen
> So what happens if you want to make UI elements that are linked? Ie, you
> check this check box and this other text input box that was inactivated
> becomes active. Or you type an IP address in one text box, and another text
> box is updated on the fly with a calculated default gateway. Is this type of
> thing doable with SIL? If so, it's a great step forward. If not, it is
> identical in capabilities to the Debian configuration management protocol
> documented at http://debian.org/~wakkerma/config6/

If you clicked on the checkbox and there was a signal attached
to that event a signal would be sent to your application
but no signal is sent otherwise(to conserve bandwidth,
SIL is meant to be networked).
Your application could then update the interface like so:

 text_input:config(inactive); # set the text inactive
 display(); # flush the changes to the display.

Note that this signal is not implemented yet. You must understand
that time to market IS an issue for us. Features
like this will get done but on a "as needed" basis.
Look for this and other features in SL 2.0 . Probably
next year this time.

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