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Re: Adoption of RTLinux, VRweb and kanjidic.

Dear Fabien,

Fabien writes:

 > Also, I'm used to offer the kanjidic package for used with my kdrill
 > package to people who can't access the Debian-JP ftp sites. Now that
 > Debian-JP is going to incorporate most of their packages into Debian,
 > I want to offer the kanjidic to the Debian-JP maintainer,
 > Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@mis.hiroshima-u.ac.jp>, of the package.
 > I base my own package base on his own but make the version
 > 0-1 so it should have no problem to upload his current one over it.
 > Kanjidic: A kanji dictionary.

OK. I'll take kanjidic package.

In the current kanijidic package, kanjidic file is gzipped.

This cause the problem; xjdic and lookup (dictionry search programs
for kanjidic and edict) work only with plain text dictionry files.
So, in my package, kanjidic is not gzipped.

This change affects kdrill and kanadic packages.

Hayao Nakahara

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