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Re: Adoption of RTLinux, VRweb and kanjidic.

On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Fabien Ninoles wrote:

> This is more an update for my packages in Debian.
> RTLinux is already taken from a long time ago by Andreas Franzen
> <anfra@debian.org> with my permissions. So the WNPP entry under my
> name should be remove. Also, I offer the vrweb to Javier
> <jfs@computer.org> but don't see anything come out. So, Javier, would
> you still like to take it? I let you two weeks before offering it to
> adoption by someone else.

	Sorry, I've had not had time to do an upload. I will take it asap.
Also, it is strange
> VRweb: Old package - a bit hard to maintain. Javier already packages
>        VRwave so it's a good thing it takes it.

	Well, althoug it's old at least the author GPL'd it so it can be
useful since there are not many stable VRML browsers available for Linux.
Vrwave (non-free) is not yet an option (also, it's Java based), so vrweb
with xswallow should work in all Debian Linux.	
	However I've found that in Debian 2.1 vrweb core dumps on start
up ¿any idea? does it work on unstable? I will try to take this possibly
next week.

> Also, I'm used to offer the kanjidic package for used with my kdrill
> package to people who can't access the Debian-JP ftp sites. Now that
> Debian-JP is going to incorporate most of their packages into Debian,
> I want to offer the kanjidic to the Debian-JP maintainer,
> Hayao Nakahara <nakahara@mis.hiroshima-u.ac.jp>, of the package.
> I base my own package base on his own but make the version
> 0-1 so it should have no problem to upload his current one over it.

	I was not aware kdrill was available as Debian package.. what a
surprise :)
> Kanjidic: A kanji dictionary.
> Also, I would like to add a note over the Cold Project:
> Cold is in development. Upstream maintainers ask me to wait before
> releasing a package of the dbs. The driver is however quite stable and
> if people ask me, I can upload it ASAP. Because the driver is not
> really useful without the dbs, I withstanding both until the dbs are
> ready.

	Well, I find it is a cool project and will keep an eye on it.



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