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Re: Berlin & FSSTND/FHS

+--[ Jordan Mendelson ]--[ jordy@wserv.com ]
| Would we be violating policy if we created /usr/Berlin? 

yes. /usr/X11R6 is historical, and some people would even like to get rid of
it. for very similiar reasons kde wanted it's own /usr/KDE or /opt/kde or 
something. it's not acceptable. tex also does not have it's own subtree 
(any longer).

| 	/usr/Berlin/include		- Headers
| 	/usr/Berlin/include/idl		- IDL source
| 	/usr/Berlin/bin			- Berlin binaries
| 	/usr/Berlin/lib			- Libraries
	/usr/lib (share libs), /usr/lib/Berlin (Data)
| 	/usr/Berlin/opt			- Berlin Third Party Binaries
	may not exist. /usr/bin
| 	/usr/Berlin/var			- Various data files
	/var/lib/Berlin (and the other /var/* dirs).


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