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Re: [RFC] netstd

On Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 11:52:46PM -0400, Carl Mummert wrote:
> Recently, I was looking into removing rshd from my computer (ssh has the
> functionality that I need, and provides compatabiliy with rsh).

   Wasn't ssh at one point diverting rsh?  (Maybe this was just a local
diversion.. can't find it now) PVM requires a remote shell capability, but
this could be provided by either rsh, ssh, lsh, k5rsh, ...
The binary is hardcoded but if I change it the static binaries produced
will require changes on non-Debian and old-Debian systems.  I suspect there
are a fair number of these as PVM is performance-sensitive and binaries are
often copied around heterogenous clusters.
   I have a request from Carl to put a symbolic link in /usr/lib/pvm3 to the
system rsh so that it can then be overridden by the system administrator,
but it would be even better if this were a system managed "alternative" in
/usr/bin (/usr/bin/rsh -> ssh or rsh.real or ...).  If I create a link to
rsh, when Carl deletes netstd or the proposed rsh package PVM will stop
functioning until he manually fixes the link.  Other parallel libraries and
remote tools (eg. imap over rsh in pine) could probably benefit as well.  We
can't easily coerce all other binary compatible distributions (Suse, Redhat,
FreeBSD, et al) to create links to rsh in weird locations.  /etc/pvm3/rsh
would be surprising for our own users as well.

-Drake (who didn't have a required netstd dependency anyway)

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