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BSD-like 'make world' - possible?


I have some suggestions for Debian. I'm programmer and I use Linux for my
projects. When I set up a distribution on a computer, I have to compile a
"few" packages to fit my needs. (kernel, netatalk, samba, apache, bind, gcc,

I thought it would be a very good idea when it would be possible to
recompile the whole distribution.
- Download the source-code for one distribution and recompile it for any
platform you need (i386, i486, Pentium, Alpha). 
- It would be possible to take the best optimization for the processor,
- when you recompile everything, it should be 'clean'.

- little differences in device-naming, scripts and configuration files.
(do you know any ways to get around this problems???)

Please mail me what you think about it.

Thomas Kotzian

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