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(Semi-OT) Known issues with #9 RevIV and Voodoo?

This is semi-OT, but this is driving me absolutely *BERZERK* so I'm 
trying to find someone with a similiar/identical setup that's gotten it

I have a #9 RevolutionIV 32M AGP2x card. Using the 'unofficial' XF86 debs from netgod.net. Uses xserver-I128. (See the XF86 docs; the
RevolutionIV 32M AGP2x is the only tested, and confirmed working, RevIV 
card.) I also have an Orchid Righteous3D 4M Voodoo (original) card in 
there. (USED to run dual Monster3D II 12M, but those went into another
machine that could make better use of them.)

Now, the problem is that X simply blanks out (no display, but not
powersaving) when I go to 1152x864x ANY bpp, or 1280x1024x any bpp. I do
NOT have the 3Dfx drivers installed. (non-free crap must die.;) Does
anyone have a similar/identical setup, or know of any existing issues
with this? Also, I'm looking at the experimental XF86 3.3.4 debs, and I
did try compiling them from the .orig.tar.gz/.dsc/.diff.gz, and hit
error 1's during make. Is glibc2.1 genuinely required to build XF86
3.3.4? Thanks for the help, gang.


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