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Back for good


I'm glad to announce that I can restart my work on the Debian-Project.
Because of a terrible accident with my motorbike I was forced the whole last
year to stay in hospital, therefor I was unable to orphane my packages
(please forgive me ;) But right now as things are going better and I feel
strong enough again, I'll take a look and some orphaned packages.
As I see things have changed last year, I got to study the new policy.
So please be patient ;)


PS: Primary email has changed from decker@matrix.ping.de to
    sascha@runschke.de, but the old account is still attained.

PPS: If someone responsible is reading this, could you pls add
     sascha@runschke.de to debian-private again ? thx

Sascha Runschke            private eMail : sascha(at)runschke.de
Cell: +49-(0)177-2767693  Debian related : decker(at)debian.org
Key fingerprint = EE354ADB C23E5FD4  38DDBBE7 8F065DBF

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