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Re: (Semi-OT) Known issues with #9 RevIV and Voodoo?

* Phillip R Jaenke <prj@nls.net> writes:

> Now, the problem is that X simply blanks out (no display, but not
> powersaving) when I go to 1152x864x ANY bpp, or 1280x1024x any bpp. I do

I doubt anybody can say something about this without the output of
the X server. Include also such information like: Can you kill it
with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace? If not, can you reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Del?
If not, does Alt-SysRq-k kill X? If not, can you reboot with the
sequence Alt-SysRq-s (sync disks), Alt-SysRq-u (remount filesystems
readonly), Alt-SysRq-b (reboot)?


PS: You would probably get better answers in an X newsgroup. Maybe
they´ll tell you to get the original X server from www.XFree96.org to
make sure that this isn´t a compiler bug.

PPS: Yes, I had an X problem too :-)

Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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