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Re: ash vs. bash

I did the change, too a couple days ago. Everything worked fine but for one
thing: In the debian/rules file of one package I put together, I obviously have
some bashianisms:

	cp -a -P System/Common/{*.c,*.h,*.module,CONFIG} $(sather_home);

meant to copy just a selection of files out of one directory to another one.
(The upstream package does not have a make install target at all.)

Sure, I simply could easily make it sh compliant, but it made me wonder: 
* How do I specify the shell I want to have used automatically within make files
  (Probably simple, but I could not find it in the make info)
but what is even more:
* how many makefiles (especially debian/rules) may there be that contain
  such bashianisms and may stay undetected for a long time, because they are
  ony executed by a small number of people.

(This is not meant as an argument for or against anything, just something to

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