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Re: BTS web pages have high latency (was Re: "Texinfo has a file conflict with tetex-base!")

On Jul 08, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > As of *right now* the timestamp page (at bugs.debian.org ==
> > www.debian.org/Bugs) says: 04:39:01 GMT Tue 06 Jul
> > 
> > That is over 60 hours ago!
> Feel free to rewrite rsync anytime now..
> It has major, major, major issues trying to synchronize the 310000 files
> that make up the web site.

Perhaps what we should do, then, is establish a separate web server (a
real bugs.debian.org) that is maintained on the machine that handles
the BTS (master? va? the highest priority MX is saens...), instead of
keeping it with the main pages.  Since I suspect a large percentage of
the files that rsync has to move around are actually in the BTS, this
would help immensely.


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