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Re: apt-get hanging

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Matthias Klose wrote:

>  > > I have a pretty good idea what this is, but if you could send me a status
>  > > file that would be great (mime+gzip).
>  >   Sorry, since I ran it successfully, the status file with 

>  > half installated packages is gone ( curiously , status-old
>  > showed no half-installed packages either.)
> Had a similiar problem. I installed libc6-2.2.2-0pre1 via dselect
> (among others), the whole system halted, I rebooted and exactly this
> problem (apt hanging) appeared. After installing some packages by hand and
> downgrading libc6 the problem vanished. Now the system is running with 

I have fixed this in the CVS version of APT - a new release will be in the
works soon. The problem happened while APT reduced the set of packages to
install to a minimum, it kept trying to not install a half-installed
package but didn't quite understand that was not possible  so it got in a
loop.. 1 line patch


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