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achieving secure web services for the masses

Hello everyone!

I would greatly like to hear as much feedback as possible about a 
project that I am proposing will be licensed under the GPL. It is a project
that will bring about web mail that handles encryption and decryption.
The web based email will live on an https server. This is the core of 
what I have envisioned.  There are some other goals (10 in all), that
I have discussed further in a proposal located at the following url: 


I am not a programmer.  Some of you may have seen me post around here
before.  I have thought this project up because my legal and technical
research has led me to believe that this project is painfully needed.
And it must begin now.

I am hoping some people will see the merits and technical feasibility
of this project.  In my thinking, if we do not take charge of our 
opportunity to make internet communications secure for the masses, we will
all suffer a great deal.

Please consider what I have written there, and give me whatever feedback
you think is necessary to aid me in hashing out methods of bringing
my ten goals to fruition.  Thank you all.

Please note, that if you have trouble connecting it is because my domain
lives on a dial-up connection and tzo.com provides me with dns.  Sometimes
my isp cuts off my ppp connection.  Then I have to re-execute the sign-on
script to get back up.  This usually happens between midnight US/Pacific
and 5am.  So if it's down, do whatever you were doing and check back in 
a few hours and I will invariably have signed back on.  Thanks everyone 
again...  I really hope to hear from some of you!

NatePuri ("natedawg")		o m p a g e s . c o m 
Certified Law Student  		p e r c r v t i o f i
McGeorge School of Law 		e d i c a e a n m   n
Sacramento, CA			n i v e t r y   m   d
publisher@ompages.com  		  a a s e y s t u   s
n8fs0n@softcom.net		    t s d o   h n
http://www.ompages.com		    e     n   i i
					  e   s t

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