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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer

Le Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 11:57:37PM +0200, Josip Rodin écrivait:
> Anyway, after this whole flamewar we're having, nothing, but NOTHING will
> change in the way the new-maintainer team do their work. Do you know why?
> Because they have better things to do than to read yet another stupid
> flamewar on debian-devel. For example, fixing a release critical bug.
> Someone could even be interviewed for joining Debian as I write this!
> So let's just drop it. EOD. EOT.

Yes, when I launched this thread I only wanted to hear about future
maintainers interested by this solution. I never wanted yet another
flamewar about the new maintainer team.

So interested new maintainers and sponsors step up ! I'm not one of those
who likes to reply to each message in a thread. I prefer doing things that
really help Debian. And when I posted the first message, it was only to
help people to work on Debian. I didn't ever imagined that people would
complain about the help I was offering.

Hertzog Raphaël >> 0C4CABF1 >> http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~rhertzog/

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