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"Open Source/Open Science" conference

This just came across the linux-hep list.  I'm not sure that I'll
be able to make it, but I think it'd be good to have a Debian
developer or two attend.  Anybody interested?  I can act as a
liaison with the BNL folks if needed.


Michael A. Miller                                miller5@uiuc.edu
  Department of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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For those of you who are in the NY metro area or Long Island or are willing
to travel there for a one day conference on the use of open source software
in science, then you may be interested in the following announcement. This
confernece is targeted towards the NY metro and Long Island area residents
but I don't want to exclude anyone just becuase you are not from there.

In anycase, if you know of someone who would be intersted or an appropriate
mail list which to send this message out to, please pass it on.



                        Open Source/Open Science

                    Brookhaven National Laboratory

    This message is to announce a one day conference titled
    "Open Source/Open Science" to be held on Saturday, October 2nd, at
    Brookhaven National Laboratory. The purpose of the conference
    is to bring together open source developers and scientists who
    use open source for a day of talks. The talks will focus on the
    use of open source in science along with talks on leading edge
    open source projects which will have a large impact on scientific

    The conference is designed to attract attendees from the NY
    metro area as well as greater Long Island. Along with the
    schedule of talks, tours of the laboratory facilities are
    planned throughout the day so that the attendees can see first
    hand where open source software is being used at one of the nations
    premier national laboratories.

    Bus service will be provided between Ronkonkoma and BNL to
    help facilitate transport for attendees who will be traveling
    from the NY metro area via the LIRR.

    The current list of the speaker topics are

      Use of Open Source in BNL's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
      Use of Open Source at the National Synchrotron Light Source
      The Galaxy Parallel Computer Project at SUNY Stony Brook
      Open Source Biology Software
      IBMs DX Data Visualization Software (recently open sourced)
      SGI's GLX and XFS  (recently open sourced)
      Open Source Compiler Technology
      Making Open Source usable

    The purpose of this announcement is to gauge the interest and numbers
    of those who would like to attend, so that the organizing committee
    can better plan the event.

    If you think you might want to attend, please send e-mail to
    osos@openscience.bnl.gov with information on the approximate number
    of people who will join you and where you will be coming
    from. (i.e. Will you need transportation from Ronkonkoma to BNL?) Also
    include any other comments/questions about the conference you may
    have. The questions will serve as a starting point for the conference

    A formal announcement and web page will be setup in the next
    few weeks.

    Thank you.

    The Open Source/Open Science organizing committee

    Stephen Adler   Physics Dept             adler@bnl.gov
    Malcolm Capel   Structural Biology       capel@bnl.gov
    Ed McFadden     Information Tech. Div    emc@bnl.gov
    Sean Mccorkle   Biology Dept.            mccorkle@bnl.gov
    Tom Schlagel    Information Tech. Div.   schlagel@bnl.gov
    Tim Sailer      RHIC Computing Facility  sailer@bnl.gov


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