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Borland Linux Developer Survey

Got this in the mail and figured that people might be interested in filling 
it out.


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Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 19:23:32 -0700
From: "Michael Swindell" <mswindell@inprise.com>
Reply-To: mswindell@inprise.com
Organization: borland.com
Subject: Borland Linux Developer Survey!

Hello! My name is Michael Swindell and I'm the Sr. Product Manager at
Borland/Inprise. Due to overwhelming interest from the Linux community
in Borland support for the Linux platform, we have created a Linux
developer survey. This survey is intended to help us gauge demand and
shape future Borland Linux development tools. The survey will only cover
Linux development and will not sell or advertise any existing or future

Many Linux developers have expressed interest in Borland supporting the
Linux platform and it has been a hot topic in various newsgroups and
forums. I believe it would be of interest to your readers to know about
this survey and be able to link to it from your site. So I'd like extend
an invitation to you to link to this survey or post a story with a link
to it. The survey is live as of today. The results will be published at
a later date after the survey has ended. You will be able to link to the
results as well when they are available.

The URL is

A Linux "Survey Now" gif is attached to this message for your use. You
may use it to link to the survey if you choose so.

In order to keep your surfers in your site and not "steal" them away to
our web site, the survey will not link into the Borland web site
anywhere within the survey and the survey will link directly back to the
referring web site when the user has completed the questions.

Please let me know if you will be linking to the survey.

Many thanks,

- Michael

Michael Swindell
Sr. Product Manager
Borland Developer Solutions - Inprise Corporation
(831) 431-1530

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