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Re: "Waiting for information" status in BTS

William Ono <wmono@debian.org> wrote:
> I can't close the bug, because it's not properly addressed. I can't in
> good conscience just ignore the bug, because it's been reported and I
> have to assume it's real. So, what on earth am I supposed to do? It's
> yet another bug in the BTS that can't be fixed, one more bug that's
> bloating the number of non-wishlist bugs. Though we're not concerned
> about marketing and appearance, having close to 7 000 non-wishlist
> bugs really does make us look bad.

Note that one thing which *should* be done: periodically attempt to
contact the originator of the bug.  Mail does get lost -- sometimes in
transit, but more often after it's been delivered.


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