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Re: Berlin & FSSTND/FHS

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, Jordan Mendelson wrote:

> As X has these folders and people do find them acceptable, would it be equally
> exceptable to do the same for Berlin? For example:
> 	/usr/bin/Berlin/ 	-	Berlin Applications
> 	/usr/lib/Berlin/	-	Berlin Libraries
> 	/usr/include/Berlin/	- 	Berlin Headers
> 	/usr/share/Berlin	-	Berlin Static Data

These are all fine and have been done in other applications, the cavet is
that /usr/bin/Berlin should not to contain user callable binaries (I think
it is better called /usr/lib/Berlin, but hey) 

APT has /usr/bin/apt-*, /usr/lib/apt, /usr/include/apt-pkg,
/var/cache/apt, /var/state/apt, /etc/apt <wew>
The benifit is that I can take all of /usr/share and NFS export it and
have the clients get Berlin, ditto for the other directories, if you start
creating new top level dirs then something special has to be done. The
same argument applies to PATH statements, if I install Berlin I don't want
to have to go around changing user's paths to include new TLD's

> The reason I ask is because Berlin will have a whole lot of files and I
> mean, a whole lot. I'm not sure people really want us polluting the
> global namespace with them. 

Well, if you expect them to be used by end users (ie in their path) then
you have to follow proper namespace conventions, if you expect them to be
called only internally with an explicit path then use


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