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Re: "Waiting for information" status in BTS

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, William Ono wrote:

> Hi, folks.  Recently, I discovered something very annoying about the BTS. 
> One of my packages had a bug reported against it.  I tried to reproduce
> the problem and failed.  About two hours after the bug first appeared in
> my inbox, I replied to the submitter saying that I couldn't reproduce the
> problem, and asked the submitter to try a very simple change to see if
> that would isolate the problem.  (It's #40456 if anyone wants to look at
> it, but the exact bug is not relevent to this discussion.)  Well, the
> submitter hasn't responded back to me, and now I have a package with a bug
> that I don't have a hope of fixing.

Email the submitter (with a cc: to the BR) asking for more information,
and say that you'll close the BR if no more information is provided to you
within 3 months.
If more information comes then everything is fine; OTOH, if the delay
expires, close the bug report.


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