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Re: Re: BSD-like 'make world' - possible?


I think, it doesn't need to be the big cvs. What do you think about the

All packages should be kept how they are. (.deb, .tgz,...). And for every
package or package group*) (i describe it at the bottom of the mail) there
should be a script or a description file. This script can be a like a plug-in
in the whole distribution-dependency-tree. It unpacks the package, applies
the .diffs in the correct order, compiles it with the correct parameters,
moves the compiled files to a temporary location (relocated root-drive), moves
configuration files to the temporary location. Then it can remove the
unzipped sources again, if that is possible.

We only have a makefile that starts the process. It must handle a make
clean, make world, make cross-compile,... and it has to manage the
dependencies. After the whole compilation it should replace the current root with the
newly compiled ones if it is a native compile. When it is a cross-compile all
files are on the relocated root-drive to be copied 1 to 1 to the drive of
the other computer.

To handle the dependencies there should be a file which handles the order
of compiles to be done.

Benefit: to add a new package you only have to create a new
package-plug-in (should be only filling up a template) and add an entry on the correct
location of the dependency-handle-file.

To get the optimization feature there could maybe be a 2-stage process (1.
setting up the compiler, 2. compiling the rest with the optimized tools)

There are maybe some things to re-think about. I have no complete concept
yet, but that are some of my ideas ;-)

What do you think about it. - Please tell me.

Thomas Ko

*) package group: original package from the author (eg. samba-2.0.4b) +
all .diff -files that have been added by a package maintainer.

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