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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer

>> How can the phone call test any better whether the person is sincere?  Do
>> you have a caller for every language that a debain developer might speak?
>> A vocal lie-detector?  The phone call is a social convention that had
>> grown out of the early days of debian.  But is it the msot effective way
>> to read someone's mind? 
>Sometimes a vocal call reaffirms this and makes SURE they understand what
>they have read.

Isn't this a little pedantic?  Even so, if you wanted to re-verify it, why 
not require the user to copy a sentence verbatim the first time they log
into master, i.e.

MASTER:  Copy the following sentence, verbatim, and hit 'return' at the end:
    'I swear <...>'
USER: I swear <...>

MASTER: OK.  I believe you this time.


>> Isn't that why a current developer has to sign the new deveoper's
>> key?   
>No, there are other ways of being verified, I sent in my drivers
>license and birth certificate scanned in.

Are there statistics about how many developers choose each option?

Why make it difficult for people who send in ready-to-go applications,
just because of the exceptional cases?

Another comment - birth cirtificate? Does debian care about your
nationality?  How does a scanned facsimile of a birth certificate
(no picture, no address, easy to fake by scanning a real one and changing
the name/dob) establish anything useful about the person's identity?


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