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Re: ash vs. bash

*- On 19 Jul, Michael Meskes wrote about "ash vs. bash"
> After reading at least parts of the discussion I decided to try ash as sh
> just to learn that netscape doesn't even start anymore. It just says:
> /usr/bin/X11/netscape: 104: Syntax error: Bad substitution
> Okay, my netscape version may not be up-to-date. But I have read something
> along these lines in other mails too. 
> Michael

I am running 4.6 from netgod's slink debs and I just switched my sh->ash
today and netscape started up fine.

But I found and filed a bash'ism bug against ipmasq.  That was fun
trying to figure that out when I couldn't even ping localhost after a
reboot to test the waters with ash.  Ipmasq has some 'function ....'
calls in the rules.

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