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`~/.xemacs/{init,.options}.el' (Was: Re: [XEmacs] New Maintainer, soonish.)

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl M Hegbloom <karlheg@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Darren" == Darren/Torin/Who Ever <torin@daft.com> writes:
    Darren> Karl M. Hegbloom, in an immanent manifestation of deity,
    Darren> wrote:

    >>> - I changed the startups so that the init file is no longer
    >>> called "~/.emacs", it's in "~/.xemacs/init.el".  The options
    >>> saved by the Options menus won't go into "~/.emacs" either,
    >>> they'll go into "~/.xemacs/.options.el".  It will create the
    >>> "~/.xemacs/" directory if it doesn't exist the first time you
    >>> start XEmacs21.

    Darren> This would likely be a bad idea.  I certainly would be
    Darren> confused when XEmacs didn't load my .emacs.  I'd probably
    Darren> then register a bug and put (load "~/.emacs" nil t t) as
    Darren> the only thing in the ~/.xemacs/init.el file.

    Karl>  I disagree, and will ship the package with the
    Karl> modification.  Don't bother filing a bug about it...  This
    Karl> is a minor change, not a hairy major code fork.  It's not a
    Karl> meaningful political act, just part of the job I'm doing.

    Karl>  It's a bug for it to read the same init file that GNU Emacs
    Karl> does.  Newbies should not be expected to write cond codes
    Karl> into their ~/.emacs files.  

Correction.  It is a bug when the changes that are made do not match
the commonly accepted standard.

 From the FAQ delivered _with_ Xemacs.

Q1.4.1: What is a `.emacs' and is there a sample one?

   The `.emacs' file is used to customize XEmacs to your tastes.  No
two are alike, nor are they expected to be alike, but that's the point.
The XEmacs distribution contains an excellent starter example in the etc
directory called `sample.emacs'.  Copy this file from there to your
home directory and rename it `.emacs'.  Then edit it to suit.

   Starting with 19.14, you may bring the `sample.emacs' into an XEmacs
buffer by selecting `Help->Sample .emacs' from the menubar.  To
determine the location of the `etc' directory type the command `C-h v
data-directory <RET>'.

    Karl>  When it first starts, if the ~/.xemacs/* files are not
    Karl> there, it will create them. 

 Some of us still use the ~/.gnulisp/ directories as used by emacs,
xemacs, epoch for quite some time. Enforcing your version of reality
on the rest of us  =doesn't= seem like an improvement.

    Karl>  I will, after developing something that works and looks
    Karl> good, submit patches "upstream", for certain.  They will be
    Karl> reviewed, and perhaps will become part of XEmacs 21.2 or
    Karl> 21.3, depending upon timeing and whatever-it-takes.  It's
    Karl> not a strange new idea.

 No.  It is a idea that has been discussed several times, and each
time it has been deferred. If you have a better reason why now it
should be enforced, perhaps you should make a case for such changes.

 So far the reasons given, match arguments that previous have been
shown to be insufficent in prior discussions of this sort.

    Karl>  It'll be good enough or better.  You'll like it even though
    Karl> you have to uncomment a line in a config file.  Really,
    Karl> Darren. ;-)

 regarding the ability to use an xemacs startup file with an emacs
startup file?

Q1.4.2: Can I use the same `.emacs' with the other Emacs?

   Yes.  The sample `.emacs' included in the XEmacs distribution will
show you how to handle different versions and flavors of Emacs.

 Debian may be different but it should not break working code and
working methods just 'because"

Kermit Tensmeyer   - kermit@brite.net    [  dallas, texas ]
   and this is my opinion, and not the property of anyone else!

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