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/etc/environment misuse (was: Translation of init scripts)


please not make this worse. your suggestion was to do something like
"LANG=C; export LANG".

/etc/environment was first used by ssh, so this defines the file.
the above line will generate an environment variable LANG with the
content "C; export LANG", everytime you log into via ssh.

the use of /etc/environment in debian is a nice idea but a horrible
implementation. debian should get rid of it as soon as possible, since it
conflicts with the older definition of /etc/environment done by ssh.

the ssh definition is : read, look for "=", put into environment.
whereas bash/any shell does a lot more like 
 - several commands with ";"
 - export / not export
 - special handling of $ " ' `  and other characters

two seperate definitions of one file are not good.


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