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[ITP] pak

From the readme file:

gtkpak is a PAK file viewer for Gtk+. What are PAK files? A PAK file is
used in id software games such as Quake and Quake 2, and their spin-offs.
Just imagine collapsing an entire directory scheme into a big wad of
files, and there you have a PAK file.

The three binaries are built around the interface provided in pakfile.h,
which is a C++ class that allows access to the contents of a PAKFile,
including searching and extracting from an already existing PAK file, to
add files and then writing a new PAK file. The three binaries are then
just front-ends to this functionality, in one way or another.

Anyway, the thing includes 3 bins, pakx, pakc, and gtkpak.  I may put
gtkpak in a seperate package so you can muck with pak files without X.  It
seems pretty portable for a non-autoconf package but porters are doubtless
likely to have some issues compiling it.

Upload will happen after I have time to write manpages.

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