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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer

Brian Almeida(char *email) {
    One of the phases in the new maintainership is a phone call from the
    new-maintainer team to verify their views on Free software and that
    they agree to follow the social contract.  That's what debian is really 
    all about, folks.

Well I got the phone call about two months ago and have heard nothing since.
I plainly stated that i agreed with the social contract and that it is also my
philosophy on software. I have absolutely no problems with free software and
made that a very plain statement.

I have since re-sent my application complete with a PGP signed scan of my
Missouri Driver's license since I haen't found a developer in my area
(Missouri, Kansas, or (and i would easily travel) Iowa. My PGP public key is
on the PGP key servers.

I did everything exactly by the book and have yet to see anything done. I
realize that the new-maintainer team is busy but seriously, it's been almost
four moths since my initial application. I have packages completely ready for
upload, some updates to packages by other maintainers and a driving desire to

Debian has always been my favorite distribution and the non-commercial aspect
of it appealed to me as well as i feel that someone who does something because
they want to does a better job than someone who is told what to do.

As far as the "sponsor" idea proposed earlier, that would be great but none of
the packages up for adoption apeal to me in anyway, nor do i actively use any
of the listed packages. If someone would sponsor the packages i have already
made then that would be great also.

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