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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian and becoming a registered Debian developer

>>"Goswin" == Goswin Brederlow <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

 Goswin> Automata could trust other debian maintainer to only sign
 Goswin> real persons keys, thus applications with keys by a debian
 Goswin> maintainer could be processed quicker. One could write a
 Goswin> small script that asks the relevant questions, extracts the
 Goswin> key from a keyring and requires an debian maintainer to sign
 Goswin> with his private key. With that every debian maintainer could
 Goswin> write an automatik application to be processed automatically
 Goswin> on the debian server.

        There is more to the phone call/intervie process than can be
 simulated in automata. I think that human judgement is important to
 the process. 

        I wish there were more people who were eligible for the new
 maintainer team positions, to ameliorate the load on the current

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