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[no subject] "hdparm" and Software RAID Re: 'hdparm' and Software RAID Re: 'hdparm' and Software RAID [SOLVED] 'ping -f' a Win98 box (was: Re: Collisions on lan using Linux versus Windows) (fwd) Re: Mplayer help A (little) bit OT: The Gimp & LaTeX (Or putting it all together) (no subject) (OT) The NFS security system Re: (OT-perl) read from stdin without echoing (fwd) ----strange problem---- Re: . /dev/pts (aka UNIX98 ptys) needed? /etc/aliases /etc/cron.monthly/scrollkeeper noise Re: /etc/init.d/quota : quotacheck create aquota.user but quotaon looks for quota.user /etc/init.d/quota : quotacheck create aquota.user but quotaon looks for quota.user /etc/sources.list question /lib/modules/2.4.18 missing while recompiling the kernel /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXext /usr/sbin/eximconfig problem 10 based eepro acting weird 12 main items (E-12) 1GB Line Prin 1Re: eth0 problem after kernal package upgrade 2 questions 2.4.18 doesn't find my root device. 2.4.19 + aic7xxx won't boot. No problem with 2.4.18. 2.4.19 Up and running 2cpu problem w/1 cpu 2mice-WantedConsole&X 3com 905B-TX won't work? 3D Acceleration in X not with framebuffer possible? 3d hardware / nvidia driver problems 3party debian packages 486 machine with >=9.1G Scsi drive? 490XCDT TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO and keyboard 69 packages not fully installed or removed ### 聽說你最近想買筆記型電腦或個人電腦 0LE6fo29qnA4oBZ3b9 聽說你最近想買筆記型電腦或個人電腦 eTv7WQJDw7rAUr7 赠送MySQL数据库了! How to enable UTF-8 in Eterm(1)?? How to make dead_* keys work under X?? [Apache] Authentication for Virtual Hosts [Apache] htaccess Problem about Two <Directory> Definition Re: [debian-user] RE: Most stable MSN and ICQ support? [FIXED] Metacity and Sticky apps [Fwd: Re: Login to home from work] [Fwd: streaming problem] [Help] Maildir with Quota [OFF TOPIC] majordomo and exim [offtopic] latex question [offtopic] latex question (correct question) [offtopic] Sendmail question [OT] Can't get color with BT848 TV card. [OT] Graphics card selection advise needed [OT] Problem with "Too many open files" [OT] punctuation (was Re: Configuring w3m for Mozilla) [Re: Configuring Kernel Options (/usr/src/linux/.config)] [RESOLVED] Re: I'm worried about a Warning from lilo Re: [Samba] strange problem printing to windows box [sendmail] How avoid the reverse DNS check? Re: [SLUG] Gnome Terminal & 'man' pages ... gone @&%$ [SOLVED] eth0 deactivates overnight... [SOLVED] Re: gtk2 gtk-demo Couldn't Load font Sans 10 falling back [SOLVED] Re: how to find out pppd's exit status? [Solved] Re: Perl: bad interpreter [SOLVED] Re: Sound card driver for CM87389(rev 10) [SOLVED] Re: Upgrading from Potato to Woody on a Live Machine RE: [STOP THIS] Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I h ear.;-) [STOP THIS] Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I hear. ;-) Re: [suporte] Exim 3.35 + Mysql in Debian Potato [URLs] DocBook: Need Example Files and Scripts [was: (no subject)] linux installation on a win98 box Re: [woody] sendmail bug?. Yes, it is A about out-of-box About spamassassin about xawtv Re: Abwesenheitsnotiz: Running IDE-SCSI on both drive AC97 on ICH4 ACPI on notebooks? Can I burn my machine? Ad removing proxies ADSL-ON BOOT aewm segmentation fault afbackup VS amanda Alias for loopback interface in /etc/network/interfaces? aliases or functions--which to use? ALSA : /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p failed: Device or resource busy alsa help needed desperately! alsa sound stopped working after upgrade? Alt Tab no longer cycles windows Re: Alt-F7... Me Too! --solved! Alternatives To NFS? am i still blacklisted as spam? amavis not showing the virus name anymore in notification emails amavis-postfix broken? annoying console messeges another openoffice program Any FAI success stories? Any suggestion on DE-530 NIC card? Any way to re-install packages? Anyone know how to get *bigger* fonts on the console? apache + mod_ssl apache 2 Apache and Caps Apache Child Segfaults apache FollowSymLinks and SymLinksIfOwnerMatch question Apache mirracle (htaccess) apache suexec apache-perl vs HTML::Mason apache/openssl vulnerability (was Re: worms/viruses on linux) apm does not suspend appolgise for the name Apt errors: Warning: could not lock the cache file. apt upgrade Apt's sources.list has line-length limit 299 apt-build and Athlon question apt-build world ? apt-cache not showing uninstalled packages apt-cache problem apt-file apt-file (was: unix2dos equivalent?) apt-get apt-get "package held back" question Re: apt-get 'package held back' question apt-get and /tmp apt-get and kde apt-get dist-upgrade and disk space apt-get problems,... apt-get source postgres apt-get upgrade from testing broke aptitude, kpackage apt-get upgrade holding back packages apt-get vs perl -MCPAN -e shell Aptitude and apt-get Are initrd-tools and the kernel-image package needed after kernel upgrade? are we going to have a Y2.1K problem like Y2K? are you a high-profile Debian user? Argis USB camera/modules/software ARGOSY HD 530 (usb hdd) on linux asf format Re: ASSISTANCE/ You are free to investigate about my family background, especially my father wealth, but Treat this matter with utmost confidentiality and if for personal reasons this proposal does not meet your approval, please keep my confident and disregard this mail. I look forward to your quick response. ASUS motherboard ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP & Video Memory ATI Radeon + xawtv = fullscreen? ATI RAGE IIC & XFree86 4.1.0-16 & problems ATI TV Tuner authentication problem (PAM?) Auto dist-upgrade script auto repair shop software on linux Auto-Repair shop software on linux? Automating IMAP email maintenance autoscan avview The last update was on 20:57 GMT Tue Jun 25. There are 5002 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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