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Re: [OT] punctuation (was Re: Configuring w3m for Mozilla)

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> wrote on 21/09/2002 (11:51) :
> Well, obviously if you're using #! /bin/sh then you don't need to
> worry about what csh will make of it. Actually 'type' works in bash,
> ash, and zsh, while 'command -v' works in bash and ash. Both are
> extensions to the strict POSIX shell syntax, though.

but if you run which then you have trhis script (on Debian at least)
unalias -a
unset -- "$@" &> /dev/null
enable -n -- "$@" &> /dev/null
type -p "$@"

so this should also work in tcsh as long as bash is installed ?

> > Although it also puzzels me why people use mozilla when galeon has a
> > much better interface.
> I can't stand galeon's interface: it feels too clunky and doesn't
> respond to me in the way I want. mozilla's interface is much smoother
> for me.
> That should prove that it's a matter of taste. :)

yes, indeed ;-)

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